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Protect your eyes - See details

Optimum light creates conditions for physical well-being and enables you to work in a more relaxed and fatigue-free manner. Good lighting helps you to prevent health problems like headaches, concentration problems or tiredness; it relieves the eyes during complex visual tasks and ensures that people perform efficiently. If you can see well, you will also achieve better quality work results. Especially the filigree work of dental technicians, watchmakers, goldsmiths, and all fine-mechanical workers requires the highest quality of lighting. However, many hobby workshops, such - for example - modellers, fly tyers, etc., still need the optimum light and a customized lighting solution to visualize even the smallest details. Think about the enormous amount of time you spend working, the total number of working days and the enormous stress your eyes will have to perform.

"So doesn't it make sense to invest in one of our RMD task-lights?"


We offer RMD task lights for a variety of applications - beginning from dental technicians up to hobbyists. In every industry and every environment, there are very different requirements for lighting quality. Here the RMD task lights help you to find individually customized lighting solutions for your needs.

Light for dental technicans
Light for watchmakers
Light for Goldsmiths





Light for Modellers
Light for the hobby workshop
Light for fly tyers


Our new RMD workplace luminaires for the year 2019

Special Line P72W steel cable


To help you complete your visual task effortlessly and faultlessly, our RMD task lights offer intelligent lighting solutions at the highest technical level. To fulfill the task-specific requirements, we offer different model series in the categories of LED rise-and-fall pendant lamps, LED joint arm lamps, TC-L joint arm lamps and LED magnifier luminaires.

Special Line P72W steel cable suspension


Finding the optimal lighting solution for dental technicians, watchmakers, goldsmiths, modelers, hobby workshops and fly tiers is a difficult task. Therefore, we need to work together with our customers to find the optimal lighting solution. Our products are the result of suggestions and experiences made in this cooperation. Today, these skills paired with numerous technical innovations make us become one of the best providers for task lights in professions with very high visual requirements.  Today, this knowledge paired with numerous technical innovations qualify us as one of the best providers of task lights in professions with very high visual requirements. Our RMD workplace luminaires offer a more efficient and long-lasting lighting solution by using the latest LED technology. With a very high colour rendition (similar to daylight) and a wide and strong brightness, they create optimum lighting conditions for the different areas of use.

In times of climate change, we achieve a better environmental balance by using sustainable aluminum in most RMD workplace luminaires. Besides, the longer lifetime of LEDs reduces overall environmental waste. The electricity we use for production is supplied by our photovoltaic system. High-quality workmanship is always a priority, for which our quality label "Made in Germany" stands. Nevertheless, one of our core competences is consulting. When choosing the right RMD workplace lamp, we support you with every small question and advise you on custom-made products. Only in this way we can find an optimal lighting solution and ensure a smooth development process.


Thanks to the latest LED technology, the light is pleasant and ensures relaxed and fatigue-free working. The colour rendition, especially for our ceramic and Veneer workplaces, is excellent. In addition, we save an enormous amount of electricity in a large number of our workplaces. We would always buy an RMD workplace luminaire again."

Schütz Dental Technican, Roland Schütz


An elegant design perfectly matched to the respective working environment. RMD task lights used in various areas for optimum lighting solutions.


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