LED Articulated lights

Our lights combine high functionality and strong luminous efficacy. With innovative articulated arm technology and a variety of fastening options, they enable easy positioning and fixation. The use of efficient lighting technologies reduces operating costs and delivers optimal lighting results. The robust aluminum housing offers reliable protection of the light modules from sharp objects. Our lights are the smart solution for innovation and flexibility in the workplace.

Made in Germany

Our articulated lights are developed, tested and produced in Germany.

Energy efficient

State-of-the-art LED technology for better energy and cost savings.

Flexible & robust

Innovative articulated arm technology with high-quality aluminum and stainless steel.

Strong light output

Fascinating lighting technology - flicker-free light, maximum illuminance and colors that are reproduced as if they were under sunlight. When it comes to the light quality and functionality of our articulated lights, we leave nothing to chance! Because light has a strong influence on our health, performance and well-being.

Robust & durable

High-quality components made of naturally anodized aluminum combine elegance and durability. Not only the light profile, but also our joints are made of aluminum. Compared to conventional plastic joints, these are particularly robust and promise a longer service life for the lamp.

True color vision

The highest quality of light ensures homogeneous illumination and true-color vision of the smallest details. When designing our lights, we always focus on the needs of our customers and sunlight as the ideal! With our high color rendering, colors appear as nuanced as they do under sunlight.

Climate neutral shipping

"GoGreen" - our lights are shipped climate-neutral within Germany as standard.

Replaceable components

Our LED articulated lights do not have to be disposed of in the event of a defect - we replace and repair them.

Fast support

We are here for you! Be it a consultation or a service request. Simply get in touch with us. 😉

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about our LED articulated lights for the workplace. Didn't find the right answer? Feel free to contact us!

Our articulated lights give you the option of directing the light to the work surface or a specific object. It is flexibly adjustable and can therefore be used in different situations and angles. Especially with our articulated lights High illuminance and color rendering values ​​enable tasks with high visual requirements to be ideally mastered. The further developed 3D joint on the lamp head in combination with a particularly robust and at the same time easily adjustable friction joint arm or gas pressure arm allows the lamps to be positioned individually according to the visual task.

For our articulated lights, we rely on a anodized aluminum in the lamp headin order to be able to reliably protect the LED modules from damage, especially when handling pointed or sharp objects. In addition, the improved surface protection and low maintenance requirements help to ensure the longevity of our lights.

This depends on the visual task. Where the smallest parts are processed, high visual requirements are required. For example, in dental laboratories, watchmaking workshops, goldsmiths' workplaces, model making workshops or in activities such as: For example, when tying flies or doing fine work in your own hobby workshop, you should always take the right lighting into account. In our article “What lighting intensity do I need?” We have summarized the most important information about the special lighting requirements for your workplace. You can also contact us at any time for comprehensive advice!

Depending on the application requirements, there are a variety of different mounting options for your RMD workplace light. You can choose from: screw-on flange, table clamp, wall bracket and table base. Take a look for yourself and discover the suitable fastenings for the respective articulated lamp on the product page.

Our articulated lights made of anodized aluminum generally require very little maintenance, even when used daily. However, after a while it can happen that the lamp housing fades due to dust and dirt - the lamp needs to be cleaned. You can find out how best to do this in our short article: Care and cleaning tips for LED lights.

With our articulated lights, the LED modules can be replaced at low cost. Contact Us simple and we will take care of your request as quickly as possible.

You can return the lamp within 14 days without giving a reason. Payments already made will be refunded in full after receipt of the return. The refund will be made using the payment method you have chosen. To return an item, please fill out the return form on the following page. We will then take care of everything else.

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