LED Ceiling lights

Modern design & intelligent light control - high-quality room lighting for your office. LED full-spectrum panels are used as ceiling lights and offer the optimal solution for illuminating your entire work space with health-promoting light over a large area. In combination with a simple and unobtrusive design, a particularly harmonious room ambience is created.

Full spectrum LED panel 120×30

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Full spectrum LED panel 62×62

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full spectrum light

Our full-spectrum LED panels depict the entire color spectrum of sunlight

Energy efficient

State-of-the-art LED technology for better energy and cost savings.

flicker free

Flicker-free lighting for an eye-friendly and healthy working environment.

Universally applicable

A particular advantage of LED panels is their universal applicability. They can be used in various spaces and applications, such as offices, schools, conference rooms, hospitals and other public buildings. LED panels are also being used more and more in the private sector, such as in living rooms, kitchens or hallways.

Strong general lighting

LED panels are a modern, efficient and versatile solution for general indoor lighting. They offer strong and even illumination that creates a pleasant working atmosphere and ensures good visibility. LED panels are also very energy-efficient, durable and low-maintenance.

Simple installation

The simple installation in system ceilings is another advantage of LED panels. They can be quickly and easily integrated into ceiling systems, providing a quick and cost-effective solution for room lighting. In addition, LED panels are also available in different sizes and color temperatures, so that they can be individually adapted to the requirements of the room.

Climate neutral shipping

"GoGreen" - our lights are shipped climate-neutral within Germany as standard.

5 years warranty

You have a 5-year guarantee on our LED panels - we will replace them if an error creeps in.

Fast support

We are here for you! Be it a consultation or a service request. Simply get in touch with us. 😉

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about LED panels. Didn't find the right answer? Feel free to contact us!

Light control via remote control is only possible with our dimmable LED panels. This is included as standard with all dimmable versions with and without color change. The light of the non-dimmable LED panels is switched on and off in the classic way with the light switch.

Light is a crucial factor for health and well-being. Especially when we spend a lot of time indoors, natural light is important to keep our internal clock in balance and to be able to work with concentration. Numerous studies have shown that natural daylight is crucial for performance and health. Full spectrum LED panels contain the entire spectrum of daylight, so that the light can be individually adjusted depending on the time of day and support our biorhythm - this promotes performance, concentration and makes us feel more vital and balanced.

Depending on personal preferences and the space available, there are various mounting options available for mounting the LED panels:

  • direct insertion of the LED panel into an existing system ceiling
  • direct attachment to the ceiling using a mounting frame
  • Suspension of the panel from the ceiling using steel cables and retaining clips

If your room is already equipped with a suspended system ceiling, the LED panels can be easily replaced and inserted directly and without much effort. Fastening with a mounting frame is particularly recommended for solid ceilings, e.g. made of concrete. In the case of very high room ceilings, the LED panel should be suspended with thin steel cables in order to achieve sufficient brightness at the workplace. 

95% of standard Odenwald ceilings / cavity ceilings have fiberboard with a clear width of approx. 60,5 cm. This means our RMD LED panel with 62x62cm can be integrated. However, if the light width is < 60 cm, an LED panel with 60×60 cm must be used. Before purchasing a 62×62 cm LED panel, we ask you to measure the clear width of a fiberboard.

The installation of the LED panels is very easy! When mounting directly on the ceiling, the panels are attached using the appropriate mounting frame. If the lamp is to be suspended from the ceiling, for example because of the height of the room, it is attached using steel cables and retaining clips. The panels are electrically connected to the corresponding 3 connection wires like conventional ceiling lights.

Thanks to their excellent light quality (full spectrum light) and the simple and particularly flat design, the LED panels can be used in a variety of ways - whether at home, in the office or for lighting other workplaces.


Typical areas of application include: reception areas, training rooms, treatment rooms, offices, waiting rooms, but also the home office or private dining and living areas.

Yes! Thanks to the particularly low glare factor (UGR < 19) and an almost flicker-free light (flicker proportion of less than 1%), the LED panels are ideal for illuminating computer workstations.

Unlike many conventional ceiling lights, the LED panels/LED ceiling lights radiate the entire room particularly evenly and with natural light. Thanks to their flat design, they are also much less conspicuous than conventional LED ceiling lights and can be ideally integrated into any room. The LED full-spectrum light is flicker-free, easy on the eyes and promotes concentration and well-being.

The LED panels are dimmed using the supplied remote control. This has the decisive advantage that you can attach the light anywhere without having to make any adjustments to the electrical system. If several panels are installed in the room, they can be controlled either individually or in groups.

The question of the number of LED panels required cannot be answered in general terms. How many panels are required for the optimal illumination of the room depends on several factors, such as the ceiling height, other light sources in the room and the individual lighting requirements, natural light sources. The furniture and the wall color also have an influence on the spatial effect and thus on the lighting in the room.

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