LED Magnifying lights

The precise ones - Our LED magnifying lamps (RLL) offer maximum precision and accuracy for all small jobs in industry, trade and quality control. In demanding testing work, visual quality control, in the laboratory or in the dental sterilization room, the use of high-quality light can reduce the error rate and increase motivation. Our LED magnifying lamps combine high-quality light and object magnification with a high degree of flexibility through the use of innovative articulated arm technology. The diversity of the different areas of application is also reflected in our product range, so that an optimal lighting solution can be found for every customer.

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Maximum precision & depth of field

Various magnification powers allow you to master even tricky work and see even the smallest detail without straining your eyes. High-quality real glass lenses with a large field of vision ensure an undistorted image with a particularly high depth of field and without having to constantly realign the lamp - ideal for precise fine-tuning and inspection work.

Efficient & Ergonomic

Efficient light also meets maximum user comfort. State-of-the-art LED modules are particularly energy-efficient and can be dimmed according to personal preferences. The proximity to the object can also be individually adjusted thanks to flexible articulated arm technology.

Perfect working conditions for precision work

Hands free to work - magnify objects and get enough light with just one product. Even after a long time, you can still work with concentration on filigree details that would be difficult to see with the human eye.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about our LED magnifying lamps. Didn't find the right answer? Feel free to contact us!

The optimal working distance between the lens and the object is with magnifying lamps 3-diopter magnification in about 30 cm. With magnifying lamps with 5 diopters Magnification we recommend our customers one working distance to the object of approx. 18 cm, in order to be able to see the smallest details in the cutout.

Thanks to our particularly robust and at the same time easily adjustable flex or friction joint arms, our magnifying lamps offer a large range of movement and can be individually positioned according to the visual task.

The higher the positive number of diopters, the higher the magnification factor of the lens.

Diopters magnification factor working distance
3 1,75 times about 30 cm
4 2,0 times about 24 cm
5 2,25 times about 18 cm
6 2,5 times about 15 cm

The higher the magnification factor of the lens, the smaller the focal length, ie the optimal working distance to the object is smaller and so is the field of view.

Our experience and feedback from our customers showed that in most areas of application, a magnification of 3 diopters or 5 diopters offers the highest working comfort. Magnifying lamps with a magnification factor of 3 diopters are sufficient and versatile for most common work in workshops, as a reading aid, in the dental sterilization room or in dental practices. You get a large field of view, high depth of field and an undistorted image across the entire lens.

However, if you want to work on very small details, you should use a lamp with 5 dioptres. With a magnification of 225%, even the finest objects are clearly visible, but the field of view is also reduced.

In our magnifying lamps, we only use biconvex ground glass lenses in optician quality, i.e. no optically inferior pressed glass or scratch-sensitive plastic lenses.

Depending on the application requirements, there are a number of different mounting options for your RMD task light. You can choose from: screw-on flange, table clamp, wall bracket and table base. Make an impression for yourself and see under the tab "Accesories" which attachment is suitable for you and your model.

Our articulated lights off anodized aluminum are basically very low-maintenance, even with daily use. However, after a while it can happen that the luminaire housing fades due to dust and dirt - the luminaire needs to be cleaned. You can find out how best to do this in our short article: Care and cleaning tips for LED lights

With our articulated lights, the LED modules can be replaced at low cost. Contact Us simple and we will take care of your request as quickly as possible.