LED Pendant lights

The individual lighting solution - strong and flicker-free light is a prerequisite for comfortable and fatigue-free work. Uniform and adequate lighting of the workplace is an essential component for good work results, especially in the dental laboratory. In order to meet the high visual requirements in the production of dentures or dental applications in laboratories and surgeries, we have specialized in the design of efficient and ergonomic workplace pendant lights for the dental sector. The different model series of our LED pendant lights impress with high illuminance levels, best color rendering and can be optimally integrated into any workplace thanks to different profile lengths.

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High quality materials & ergonomic design

Our LED pendant lights are the perfect addition to any modern interior. With its clear design and high quality materials they are not only an eye-catcher, but also provide pleasant and energy-efficient lighting for your workplace. With our height-adjustable drawbars you can customize the light to suit your needs. 

Homogeneous & shadow-free illumination

Good light is the basic requirement for health and well-being when working. In contrast to many other manufacturers on the market, we rely on very powerful and high quality LED modules. They ensure impressive light quality and flicker free light in the workplace. With the installation directly above the workplace, our LED pendant luminaires not only ensure targeted lighting of the work surface, but also optimally brighten up the entire room. 

Pendant lights with very good color rendering

Excellent color rendering is particularly important for correct color acceptance under artificial light. Thanks to the very high Color rendering of over CRI > 95 our LED pendant lights offer very good color fidelity and leave Colors as in natural daylight shine. Even when dimming the LEDs, there are no shifts in the color locus, so that colours, shapes and structures can be recognized exactly. 


Not only in the dental laboratory, the dentist's practice, but also in the jewelery and watchmaker's workshop, in the studio or in your own hobby room - our LED pendant lights can be used universally and bring a whole new lighting experience to your area of ​​application. 

Luminaires for the treatment room

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about our LED pendant lights for the workplace. Didn't find the right answer? Feel free to contact us!

Yes! We can equip our pull-type pendant lights from the "LED Special Line P72" and "LED Basic Line ECO P36" series with an indirect light component. Not our "Slim Line P48" pull pendant light because the light housing is too flat and graceful.

Whether an indirect light component, or ID for short, makes sense depends on the room height! In high-ceilinged rooms, an indirect light component does not make sense, since the reflection of the light from the ceiling is rather low. With a room height of approx. 2,50 m, however, an indirect light component can significantly reduce the general lighting.

If you are interested in an indirect light component and you want to know whether it makes sense to install an ID in your case, you can contact us at any time using our contact form.

For our pendant lights, we rely on a anodized aluminum, to just when Umgang with sharpen or sharp objects to be able to reliably protect the LED modules from damage. In addition, the improved surface protection and the low maintenance to ensure the longevity of our lights.

That depends on the visual task. Where the smallest parts are processed, high visual requirements are required. For example in dental laboratories, watchmaking workshops, goldsmith work places, model making workshops or in activities such as e.g. B. fly tying or fine work in your own hobby workshop, you should always pay attention to the right lighting. Under the post "What level of illumination do I need?" we have summarized the most important information about the special requirements for lighting in a wide variety of work areas. You can also contact us at any time for comprehensive advice here!

There is an adjustable brake (red knob) in the canopy. The brake is to be set in such a way that the lamp can be adjusted in height without great effort. The brake itself can be hung on a hook in the ceiling.

The pull pendant lamp is to be fixed in such a way that the lamp hangs approx. 10-15cm (seen from the user's point of view) away from the edge of the table and into the table!

Yes! In addition to the height-adjustable drawbar in black, there is the option of suspension with steel cables. These are particularly suitable if the user wants all pendant lights to be suspended at the same height above the workbenches.

However, it should be noted that the minimum requirements for the illuminance at the work object are given! The change in illuminance depending on the suspension height can be found in the respective product documentation!

When positioning the pull-type pendant light, care should always be taken to ensure that the minimum requirements for the illuminance on the work object are met and that the user has enough freedom of movement to work. The change in illuminance depending on the suspension height can be found in the respective product documentation or product details.

If, for example, the lamp is to be positioned approx. 80 cm above the work surface and the light intensity on the work object is approx. 3000lx, the following pendant lamps are ideal:

  • The LED Special Line P72 achieves an illuminance of approx. 4500lx (@80cm) and is suitable!
  • The LED Slim Line P48 achieves an illuminance of 3500lx (@80cm) and is suitable!
  • The LED Basic Line 36W achieves an illuminance of < 2000lx (@80cm) and is therefore not recommended in this case!

Important: With steel cable suspension, the light should also always be dimmable in order to meet the requirements of the respective user in terms of illuminance!

With our pendant lights, the LED modules can be replaced at low cost. Contact Us simple and we will take care of your request as quickly as possible.