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The first step to the smart office with the most dynamic table lamp in the world - inspired by the Greek sun god, the Heavn One always lets home offices and offices shine in authentic sunlight.
The Heavn One daylight lamp also combines three products in one: it can be used as a desk lamp, ceiling spotlight, floor lamp and as an activating daylight lamp.

smart features

Optionally, the Heavn One daylight lamp can be used as a wireless charger with an intelligent base with inductive charging function and charges the smartphone and other devices conveniently at the desk.
To round off the smart experience in the office and home office, an app and an optional air quality sensor are also available.
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Mobile charging with the Helios AV daylight lamp
Smart light control via APP

Smart light control
by app

Personal needs and preferences can be stored in the intuitive app and later called up automatically. An integrated motion detector detects whether someone is at the workplace and, together with other sensors, contributes to smart lighting control.

color selection

The Heavn One daylight lamp is available in both elegant black and elegant silver. The use of high-quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel makes the Heavn One a visual highlight in the home office and in the office.

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Easy handling

The Heavn One's touch buttons are intuitively arranged for easy operation. Every button does what it's supposed to do. The lamp can also be rotated 360° in all directions, so the ideal position is always guaranteed.

Natural light in the morning

For a good start to the day, the HEAVN One daylight lamp gets your circulation going even on cloudy days.

Activating light shower

Use the activating effect of the light and overcome tiredness and headaches in the home office.

Relaxed evening light

The indirect evening light creates a pleasant ambience and lets the day in the home office end perfectly.

Support your biorhythm!

Good lighting not only helps us to see, our "internal clock" also adjusts accordingly - if there is a lack of light, when the day-night rhythm actually expects it, this can lead to tiredness, listlessness, mood swings and even illness. The HEAVN One daylight lamp promotes the natural biorhythm through the simulated daylight, which increases productivity and boosts creativity.
How our internal clock ticks

Color rendering – as natural as sunlight

Many people are indoors more than 90% of the time these days - thanks to Human Centric Lighting (HCL), they still have the best light available. The natural progression of daylight is simulated by continuously adjusting the brightness and color temperature – this promotes health and well-being.
What is HCL?

Intelligent air sensor

In order to be able to work with concentration, our brain needs sufficient oxygen. In addition to good light, the room air is a decisive factor for performance.
On request, our Heavn One daylight lamp is available with an integrated air purity sensor that measures the air quality and reminds you to air it again - working in the home office or office becomes smarter than ever.
Advantages of an air sensor

Activating light shower

Visual caffeine at the push of a button. If tiredness in the home office ever gets the better of you, the caffeine button on the Heavn One daylight lamp can help.
An approx. one-hour revitalizing light therapy with an effect of up to 10.000 lux turns dull evenings into bright summer days. The activating effect of the intensive daylight brings back the necessary energy and allows you to continue working in a concentrated and good mood.
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Technical data

  • Light output: 4.700 lm
  • Light spectrum from candle warm 1.800 Kelvin - strongly activating 6.500 Kelvin
  • maximum power consumption: 60 watts
  • Connection: 230V mains plug
  • Weight: 5.8 kg
  • Dimensions (LxW in mm): 850 x 685 mm
  • Energy efficiency (EEK): D – E
  • Connection: 230V mains plug
LED daylight lamp Helios AV dimensions

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