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We offer RMD Task-Lights for a variety of applications – beginning from dental technicians up to hobbyists. In every industry and every environment, there are very different requirements for lighting quality. With our RMD task lights, we help you to find individual lighting solutions that are specially designed for your needs.

Light for Dental Technicians

Dental Technician

In dental technology, our eyes need to be able to work with high precision. The dental technician must be able to recognize the smallest details precisely and quickly. Especially filigree work and handling of smallest pieces…

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Light for Watchmakers


A watchmaker must be able to recognize the smallest details and colours to do precise work when testing, repairing and maintaining watches or manufacturing horology instruments.  To meet the high-quality demands…

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Light for Goldsmiths


For goldsmith or jeweler, light interference on instruments or workpieces can affect the quality of the work. As a crucial factor for visual performance and quality, light not only affects our well-being but also…

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Light for modeller


Whether in a technical modeling workshop or in a hobby workshop, in addition to craftsmanship and a steady hand, the right light is a decisive component for the designer to achieve optimum results. The natural daylight is strongly…

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Light for your workshop


Many activities in workshops, such as fine work on metal, wood or aluminum, as well as the processing of small components, require high precision. There is often a lack of knowledge about the importance of the right lighting and how it influences…

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Light for Fly Tying

Fly Tying

For passionate fly fishers, fly tying is a popular pastime, especially in the winter months when the fishing season is usually over. Tying nymphs, wet flies and streamers is a demanding craft that is very demanding for our eyes…

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