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Light characteristics, you should at least comply with for the lighting of your fly tying workshop.
Strong, large-area light - We recommend an illuminance of at least 2800 lux.
Colour temperature neutral white from 3300 Kelvin to 5300 Kelvin.
A colour rendering of at least CRI > 80 or CRI > 90


Glare-free light, especially when working with metallic tools.


Flicker-free light for fatigue-free and comfortable work

Luminance distribution

A balanced luminance and brightness distribution

General information

You can find all the essential facts about the ideal lighting for your fly tying workshop on the following page …

For passionate fly fishers, fly tying is a favourite pastime, especially during the dark season when the fishing season draws close. Tying nymphs, wet flies and streamers is a demanding craft that makes great demands on our eyes. The right tying light is crucial for optimal light. To recognise the fine tying threads (dubbing), the hairs and the yarn, and reproduce the artificial fly faithfully. Especially on cloudy days, you need an additional light source to illuminate the tying stick when tying flies. It is necessary to wrap natural looking patterns and reproduce colours faithfully. Yellowish, too bright or blinding light can cause our eyes and motor skills to be negatively affected, and the tied fly will not meet the set expectations. What characteristics does the tying light have, and why is it worth investing in good light to avoid unpleasant surprises when flying fishing later? We want to show you the following.

Light planning

Illuminance and colour rendering

The right illuminance and colour rendering for fly tyers…

A first significant property for the light on the tying stick is the value of the illuminance. The first important property for the light on the tying stick is the value of the illuminance. Its value is especially crucial for the recognition of the small details of the artificial fly. To see the millimetre-fine threads with the naked eye, we advise you to use a tying light with an illuminance of at least 2800 lux. For a lifelike fly, the right choice of colour for the dubbings, the hairs, and the thread is also crucial. The so-called CRI (colour rendering index) of light tells us how naturally we can recognise colour in artificial light. The reference value here is sunlight, i.e. natural daylight, to which a CRI value of 100 is attributed. Therefore, the higher the CRI value of a binding light, the more true-to-life colours we can see. Since the right choice of colour is crucial for the quality of the tied fly and the later success in fly fishing, we recommend lights with a CRI value of at least 80, better than 90.

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Flexibility and glare

What importance the aspects of flexibility and the avoidance of glare have in the fly tying …


With a flexible articulated arm, you can position and move your light over the tying stick according to individual needs. Depending on space requirements and personal preferences, various mounting options allow you to integrate the tying light individually into your fly tying workshop.


The filigree, metallic tools used in fly tying, such as fine scissors, dubbing needles or hackle clamps, reflect the light and can produce disturbing reflected glare that limits our ability to recognise them. Therefore, the ideal tying light should illuminate the tying stick optimally, without dazzling, so that you can see the fine threads accurately at all times.

More about glare

Lights for Fly Tying

Products we recommend for fly tying.

RMD Task lights

The wide range of our RMD articulated lights, flex arm lamps or magnifier light offers various lighting solutions at a top price-performance ratio. They are suitable for sufficient, daylight-like illumination at the tying stick and can be perfectly integrated into your fly tying workshop. Furthermore, our tying lights are flicker-free, optimally glare-free and without UV and heat emission. In this way, you can prevent premature or unwanted curing of the UV adhesive. If you want to have intense illumination and an object magnification to view the artificial fly’s fine details in a magnified form, one of our RMD magnifying lamps with different magnification factors is suitable.

RMD Products

Aspects of sustainability

The topic of sustainability has also become increasingly explosive in the private sector in recent years, especially concerning lighting. Thus, in addition to intense lighting, sustainability also plays an increasingly important role for fly fishers. With exceptionally long-lasting, efficient LED lights and a light housing made of sustainable materials, the light should be an asset for himself and animals and the environment. Even though the LED light counts as probably the most sustainable lighting solution on the market, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying a tying lamp for truly sustainable light in the fly tying workshop. Defective LED modules that lose light output very quickly and lights that cannot be repaired and must be replaced immediately in minor defect events are not uncommon. In the long run, it pays to pay attention to quality, both for the LED modules and the luminaire housing. Otherwise, the enjoyment of the new luminaire will be short-lived. The result: The binding lamp has to be disposed of prematurely, and there is no question of environmental awareness and resource conservation here either.


How our lights shine when fly tying

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Frequently asked questions to the lighting of fly tying workstations

Why an RMD task light?

In contrast to many other workplace lighting suppliers, “Lichttechnik Rolf Meier” pays special attention to meeting the individual needs of our customer and finding a suitable lighting concept specifically for your area of application. The experience we have gained over the years plays a significant role in finding the right solution for you. The passion for quality, design, innovation and sustainability also shows in our products.

What illuminance do I need for fly tying?

We recommend choosing an illuminance of at least 2800 lux or more for the illumination of the fly tying workplace.

How can I fix the light?

Different mounting options allow the light to be mounted according to the spatial conditions and keep the space around the binder-free for working. Depending on the type of luminaire, you can choose between direct mounting on the table between a table clamp, a stand, a wall mount or a magnetic base. You will find all the details listed under the respective light or in the accessories category.

Is the luminaire repairable in the event of a defect?

Yes! Unfortunately, it can always happen that the lamp has a defect or breaks. But this does not mean that you have to dispose of it immediately. We can repair all our lights! Contact us by email, phone or through the contact form on our website we will take care of it.

How long does my RMD task light have a guarantee?

We offer a 24-month warranty for our RMD task lights.

How does the ordering process work?

That depends on which luminaire you choose. A large part of our lights you can order from the comfort of your home via our online shop. If you are interested in a particular product or have not found anything suitable, you can also contact us via our website and request your offer.

  1. Get a quote or give us a call
  2. Receive a non-binding offer
  3. Decide for “yes” or “no.”
  4. Place an order
  5. Waiting for delivery
  6. Install your new RMD workplace lamp and shine like our lamp


How long is the delivery time?

The average delivery time is approx. 2-3 working days. Unique solutions and custom-made products and lights currently not in stock have a delivery time of approx.1-3 weeks. Please contact us for exact information about your delivery date.

Do you get a special offer if you want to order several lights / custom-made products?

Yes! Contact us by phone or via the contact form, and we will make you an individual offer.

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