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Light properties you should observe for the lighting of goldsmith and jeweller workshops (DIN 5035-3: 2006-07; DIN EN 12464-1 “Light and lighting – indoor lighting”; ASR A3.4).
An illuminance of at least 1500 lux (DIN standard), but better at least 2800 lux to 3300 lux or more.
A colour temperature > 5000 Kelvin, even better daylight from 5300 Kelvin
Colour rendering CRI > 90 for gemstone processing and jewellery making, in other applications, CRI > 80


Absolutely glare-free light without disturbing light reflections


Flicker-free light, which eliminates stroboscopic effects

Luminance distribution

A harmonious and balanced luminance and brightness distribution

General information

You can find all the essential information about lighting in goldsmith workshops on the following page…

When working as a goldsmith or jeweller, light interference on tools or workpieces can significantly affect the work’s result and quality. As a decisive factor for visual performance and quality, light affects our well-being and influences our work results. Therefore, for the best quality, first-class light that precisely matched the filigree goldsmith’s art’s needs is an essential prerequisite. The multitude of different lighting variants and light sources often creates confusion and makes it challenging to decide on a suitable lamp. According to DIN EN 12464-1, the quality features provide essential guidelines and framework conditions for choosing the proper lighting for a goldsmith’s workstation. In the following, we would like to show you the quality features that you should pay particular attention to when designing the lighting concept for your jewellery or goldsmith’s workshop.

Light planning

Illuminance and colour rendering

What illuminance and colour rendering you need as a goldsmith or jeweller…

Illuminance is a principal technical lighting parameter and indicates the luminous flux falling on a specific surface. For filigree engravings, gemstone settings or the processing of metals, the DIN standard specifies a minimum illuminance of 1500 lux for light for the gold/jeweller’s workshop. However, since minor details’ recognizability depends mainly on the illuminance, it is advisable to choose a luminaire with an illuminance of 2800 lux and, in dark rooms, up to 3300 lux. The field of final and quality control requires an undistorted and natural colour rendering even with artificial light, which is achieved by a CRI > 90 and a corresponding colour temperature of 5300 Kelvin. In all other goldsmithing fields, a CRI > 80 and a colour temperature > 5000 Kelvin is sufficient.

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Flexibility and glare

Why consider flexibility and glare when lighting goldsmith shops?


Individual craftsmanship requires individually adaptable luminaires. As a goldsmith, the different work areas need that the luminaire quickly adapts to the user and the work situation. This attitude is the only way to achieve the best work results at all times.


Especially when working on shiny jewellery and handling metallic tools, disturbing light reflections can severely restrict our vision. The causes of glare and reflections are usually an unfavourable luminance distribution or too high luminance. Especially with high illuminance levels, a balanced brightness distribution and glare-free light are the basis for trouble-free work as a goldsmith.

More about glare

Lights for Goldsmiths

Products that we recommend to you as a goldsmith/jewellery.

RMD Task lights

Our lighting variants with maximum luminosity, the latest reflector technology and smooth-running mechanics offer a suitable lighting solution for working as a goldsmith or jeweller. With innovative articulated arm technology, our RMD workplace luminaires are flexibly adjustable. Furthermore, the use of high-quality LED converters guarantees the absence of stroboscopic effects and contributes to work safety. State-of-the-art and dimmable LED modules with appropriate illuminance ensure bright and uniform illumination of your workplace at any time of day. A suitable integration of our RMD workplace luminaires into your workplace creates an optimal natural daylight interaction with the artificial light source and allows detailed work. With the right lighting concept, fatigue-free and safe work becomes possible in a goldsmith and jeweller workshop.

RMD Products

Aspects of sustainability

The aspects of sustainability, resource conservation and recycling also have an ongoing presence in lighting technology. With demand-oriented and sustainable lighting solutions, the goldsmith’s workshop’s energy consumption can reduce right from the start. This not only pleases nature but also pays off from an economic point of view. In addition to a high potential for energy savings, there is usually an improvement in lighting quality. By aligning workplace lighting according to requirements and using the latest LED technology, a luminaire can dynamically adapt to the goldsmith’s needs. Consequently, light can not only promote well-being and increase concentration but also reduce errors. Thus, the advantages are clear – sustainable light conserves our environmental resources, saves costs, and promotes our well-being.


Successful projects with our customers in the field of goldsmith’s workshops

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Frequently asked questions about the lighting of goldsmith workplaces.

Why an RMD task light?

Unlike many other workplace lighting suppliers, “Lichttechnik Rolf Meier” pays special attention to finding the individual lighting solution for your workplace. The experience gained over many years plays a crucial role in finding an intelligent solution for you. The passion for quality, design, innovation and sustainability is also reflected in our products.

What illuminance do I need as a goldsmith?

Even if the standard specifies an illuminance of “only” at least 1500 lux, we recommend 2800 lux out of our experience for the fine work in the goldsmith’s workshop. In dark rooms, even an illuminance of at least 3300 lux. Of course, this also depends on the general room lighting. In case of doubt, we will be happy to advise you!

Should I buy a pendant light or a joint light?

Depending on the nature of your work area, both joint lights and pendant lights can be ideal. Many customers even prefer both variants to work together.

To attach our lights, you can choose from the following mounting options for our RMD joint lights: screw-on flange, table clamp (0-44 mm & 16-85 mm), wall bracket and table base. For our RMD pendant lights, you can choose between height-adjustable drawbars (height adjustment: 500 mm – 1500 mm) or steel cable suspensions.

In most cases, however, it is only possible to determine which solution is more suitable after an initial consultation. So give us a call or send us an email! We look forward to you.

Does the whole luminaire have to be disposed of as soon as the LED modules are defective?

We can exchange LED modules at a low cost. Write to us by e-mail or give us a call, and we will take care of your request.

How long does my RMD workstation lamp have a guarantee?

When you buy an RMD task light, you receive a guarantee period of 24 months.

How does the ordering process work?

The standard ordering process usually proceeds as follows:

  1. Get a quote or give us a call
  2. Receive a non-binding offer
  3. Decide for “yes” or “no.”
  4. Place an order
  5. Waiting for delivery
  6. Install your new RMD workplace lamp and shine like our lamp

If you prefer a convenient online order, you can also choose and order your light in our online shop. Please find respective payment methods in our shop.

How long do I have to wait for my workplace lamp to be delivered?

If the luminaire is in stock, you will usually receive your RMD workplace luminaire after approx. 2-3 working days. If the luminaire is not available immediately or you have chosen a unique solution, delivery can sometimes take longer (1-3 weeks). After consultation with us, you will always receive the estimated delivery time.

Do you get a special offer if you want to order several lights / custom-made products?

Yes! Contact us by phone or via the contact form, and we will make you an individual offer.

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