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Light characteristics which should be observed for the lighting of workplaces in offices and home offices (DIN 5035-3:2006-07; DIN EN 12464-1″Lighting and lighting – Lighting of indoor spaces”; ASR A3.4).
An illuminance of at least 500 lux (DIN standard), but better at least 750 lux.
An LED desk lamp with a dynamic colour temperature between 2000 and 6500 Kelvin thanks to Human Centric Lighting (HCL).
Daylight with a colour rendering of at least CRI > 80 or better CRI > 90.


Glare-free light without disturbing light reflections.


A flicker-free LED desk lamp that is easy on the eyes.

Luminance distribution

A harmonious and balanced luminance and brightness distribution in the office.

Work efficiently even in your home office...

How you can promote creativity and productivity even working in your home office…

More and more people spend most of the day indoors – the resulting deficit of natural daylight can throw the person’s internal clock out of balance. The disturbed biorhythm inhibits productivity and creativity, but it can also harm our health and general well-being. Who doesn’t know it: fatigue, listlessness, mood swings at work?

Daylight lamps with Human Centric Lighting (HCL) are ideal for home offices and offices to prevent the risks and counteract such symptoms. The revolutionary technology makes it possible to recreate the natural course of daylight by continuously adjusting brightness and colour temperature. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) thus combines activation and relaxation in one product – while a high blue content makes us awake and active during the day, a low illuminance prepares us for sleep after sunset.

What is good light?

What illuminance and colour rendering you need in the office or home office…

Illuminance is a key lighting parameter and indicates the luminous flux incident on a given surface. For writing, reading and data processing activities, the DIN standard specifies a minimum illuminance of 500 lux for office lighting – of course, you should also take this into account in your home office. Especially the recognizability of minor details depends mainly on the illuminance. We, therefore, recommend an illuminance of 750 lux or more. To mimic the natural course of daylight and thus optimise the working environment, a dynamic colour temperature between 2000 and 6500 Kelvin with a colour rendering index of at least CRI > 80, better CRI > 90 is advantageous.

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Added value through Human Centric Lighting

What advantages Human Centric Lighting (HCL) technology brings…

Human Centric Lighting, or HCL for short, focuses on people and their needs. Light influences how we feel. Under good lighting conditions, which are similar to natural daylight, people work more concentrated, make fewer mistakes and tire less quickly. Warm light with low levels of blue light in the evening helps us relax and supports restful sleep. A lighting system that adapts itself to the time of day promotes health and a sense of well-being. Lighting that supports natural biorhythms can improve performance and enhance creativity. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) simulates the natural course of daylight and thus combines activation and relaxation into one product.

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How to get your Office smart

The most dynamic desk lamp globally, whether a home office or office – our Helios AV daylight lamp.

Helios AV combines three products: You can use the light as a desk lamp, ceiling spotlight, and an activating daylight lamp. Long-life LEDs efficiently brighten up the desk while also being economical in terms of energy consumption. You can operate the light intuitively and, if required, also via an app. Thanks to the flicker-free daylight, nothing stands in the way of even highly complex tasks. The HCL technology supports the human biorhythm – should fatigue get the upper hand despite all this, a vitalising light shower with 10,000 lux turns dull evenings into bright summer days. Optionally, the Helios AV daylight lamp charges the smartphone conveniently at the desk using a stand with an inductive charging function. Additionally, an air purity sensor is available that measures the air quality in the room and reminds you to air it next time. For anyone who wants to take their home office or office to the next level, the Helios AV Daylight Lamp will be your ideal assistant.



Daylight Lamp HELIOS AV more in detail

Aspects of sustainability

The aspects of sustainability, resource conservation and recycling are also becoming increasingly relevant in lighting technology. With demand-oriented and sustainable office lighting, you can reduce energy consumption in the home office and the office right from the beginning. Naturally, this is not only good for the environment but also economically profitable. In addition to a high potential for energy savings, there is also an improvement in the quality of light. By aligning the desk lamp as needed and using the latest LED technology, you can dynamically adapt the light to individual needs. Consequently, the light not only promotes well-being and increases the ability to concentrate but also reduces the error rate. Thus, the advantages are apparent – sustainable light conserves our environmental resources, saves costs, and promotes our well-being.


The Helios AV daylight lamp in use


Frequently asked questions about office and home office lighting and our Helios daylight lamp.

Does the Helios AV daylight lamp meet the minimum requirements for office and home office lighting?

The minimum requirements, which the DIN standard prescribes for usual activities, the office or home office lighting, is an illuminance of at least 500 lux and a CRI > 80. The Helios AV daylight lamp is probably the only desk lamp globally, which offers you a vitalising light shower with up to 10,000 lux and exceeds the minimum requirements many times over.

What's the idea behind recreating daylight?

The Human Centric Lighting (HCL) technology of the Helios AV Daylight Lamp recreates the natural course of daylight. Brightness and light colour adjust automatically throughout the day to support your biorhythm.

Which lifetime has the desk lamp?

Due to the installation of high-quality and remarkably durable LED modules with a service life of more than 50,000 hours, we expect an average lifetime of your Helios AV daylight lamp of more than ten years. In case of any premature breakdown, we can quickly repair the light, and you do not have to dispose of it immediately. We think that whoever buys high-quality products should also benefit from them for a long time.

Is it possible to replace the modules of the Helios AV daylight lamp?

We want to offer our customers high-quality products with long service life. Helios AV daylight lamp was designed for easy repair or updating in case of a defect.

How long is the warranty of my LED lamp?

The warranty period of the Helios AV daylight lamp is 24 months from the date of receipt of goods.

How does the ordering process work?

You can purchase your new Helios AV daylight lamp conveniently in our online store. Alternatively, you can also send us your inquiry by phone, e-mail or via our contact form on the website, and we will take care of the rest of the ordering process.

Time for delivery of the desk lamp?

We strive to deliver your new Helios daylight lamp as soon as possible. Usually, the delivery time is around 1 – 2 weeks. Just contact us by mail or phone for more information about the current delivery time of your desk lamp.

Does the light of the Helios AV become tiring for the eyes over time?

You can infinitely adjust the light directions to suit individual preferences. To date, the feedback from customers has been exclusively positive.

Does Helios AV daylight lamp turn off when the sun goes down?

No! The Helios AV desk lamp reproduces the natural daylight sequence, but you don’t have to sit in the dark after sunset because of it. The light initially dims in the evening and no longer contains activating wavelengths with high blue content. Even after sunset, users who need bright light can always extend the bright sunlight by an hour at the touch of a button or switch to manual light control – similar to a snooze mode.

Is it still possible to work productively in dim evening light?

Since dynamic lighting stabilises the day-night rhythm and promotes the human biorhythm, it ensures greater productivity in everyday working life. As a rule, the light should always be appropriately bright – should circumstances require extra bright light in the late evening, you can individually adjust the brightness to your needs at any time.


Does it make a difference whether I place the desk lamp on the left or right side of my office desk?

Thanks to the unlimited rotation of the lamp, it does not matter how Helios AV is placed – it can always provide good light at the workplace.


Do I get a special offer if I want to order multiple lights?

Of course! Contact us conveniently by mail, via our contact form or by phone, and we will create an individual offer for you.

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