Quick Facts

Light characteristics you observe as a minimum for lighting in the workshop (DIN 5035-3:2006-07; DIN EN 12464-1″Lighting and lighting – Lighting of indoor spaces”; ASR A3.4).
Intense, large-area light. Depending on the type of activities, a high illuminance of at least 1500 lux.
Colour temperature neutral white from 3300 Kelvin to 5300 Kelvin
A colour rendering of at least CRI 80


Glare-free light, especially when working with shiny materials.


Flicker-free light to avoid headaches and stroboscopic effects

Luminance distribution

A balanced luminance and brightness distribution in the room

General information

What you need to take into account when lighting your workshop …

Many workshops, such as fine work on metal, wood or aluminium, and minor components machining, require high precision. There is often a lack of knowledge about the importance of proper lighting and how it influences our well-being and work results. The best tool alone is not enough if you cannot recognise small details if dazzled or disturbing shadows appear. The luminosity can also quickly diminish if the light source is covered with a veil during dusty work or damaged by pointed and sharp objects. Therefore, the workshop’s right light is a must for the error-free accomplishment of the visual task. The required illuminance, colour rendering properties and light quality vary depending on the field of activity. Therefore, you should make a conscious choice when selecting a suitable workplace luminaire, be it a flex arm, articulated, pendant or magnifying luminaire. Consequently, we want to show you why it is worthwhile to rely on quality for your workshop’s lighting and how you can work flexibly, fatigue-free and precisely at your work table with one of our RMD workplace luminaires.

Light planning

Illuminance and colour rendering

What illuminance and colour rendering we recommend in the workshop …

As a general rule, the darker the workspace and the more demanding the visual task, the higher the illuminance. As a guideline for workshop lighting, you can assume an illuminance of 500-1500 lux. The colour rendering index, or Ra for short, indicates how naturally an artificial light source reproduces colour. The higher this value, the more natural is the colour rendering of the workpiece. The reference light source for the evaluation is sunlight, which has a maximum Ra value of 100. For work in a workshop, we generally recommend a Ra value of CRI > 80. When selecting the right colour temperature, you should decide between warm white light (up to 3300 Kelvin), neutral white light (up to 5000 Kelvin) or cool white light (from 5000 Kelvin) according to your own needs. However, if a lot of fine work is done, such as painting objects in detail, we recommend a CRI > 90 and a colour temperature above 5000 Kelvin.

Since a craftsman’s tasks are very different, it may be necessary to decide on a case-by-case basis which illuminance and colour rendering are required.

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Flexibility and glare

How important are the issues of flexibility and glare in the workshop?


In addition to several photometric properties, flexibility is a top priority for the user. The variety of different activities requires that you can adjust the luminaire individually without much effort. Therefore, you should pay attention to an ergonomic joint design that brings the luminaire quickly and efficiently into the desired position and saves the user a lot of effort and time.


Glare occurs primarily due to an incorrectly-mounted luminaire or light reflections on shiny and metallic tools or workpieces. Glare restricts our visual function and can lead to health complaints such as headaches. Avoiding this requires attention to a balanced luminance distribution and sufficient glare protection.

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Lights for the workshop

Our recommendations for the workshop…

RMD Task lights

With the product range of RMD workplace luminaires, we will find a suitable solution for your workshop for every individual lighting requirement. We use highly efficient LED technology that contributes to healthy and balanced work in the workshop for uncompromising and high-quality lighting. The enclosed luminaire housing of our RMD task lights protects the LED modules from sharp and pointed objects and is easy to clean. A variety of different mounting options allow for optimal integration into any workshop. Innovative articulated arm technology makes it easy to adapt the luminaire to the work tasks at hand. High illuminance and high colour rendering properties let you master complex visual tasks and make your work table shine in a new light.

RMD Products

Aspects of sustainability

Many conventional and outdated lighting technologies (halogen lamps) quickly lose luminous flux and need to be replaced after only a short time. Using the latest LED technologies with long service life, you get an exceptionally durable lighting solution for your workshop. Besides, thanks to the increased energy efficiency of the latest LED modules, you can save enormous costs in the long term and a positive contribution made to our environment. Truly sustainable lighting, therefore, saves costs and promotes well-being in the workshop, protects limited resources, and counteracts throwaway consumption. Especially, in the long run, it pays off to invest in high-quality lighting.


See how to use our luminaires in the workshop.

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Frequently asked questions about the lighting of a workshop

Why an RMD task light?

Light plays a supporting role for the workshop when it comes to achieving optimal results and working without fatigue. In contrast to many other workshop lighting suppliers, “Lichttechnik Rolf Meier” pays special attention to meeting the individual needs of our customer and finding a suitable lighting concept specifically for your application. The experience we have gained over the years plays a significant role in finding the right solution for you. The passion for quality, design, innovation and sustainability also shows in our products.

What illuminance do I need for my workshop?

According to the DIN standard, the workshop workplace’s illuminance should not fall below at least 1500 lux. When working on small details, we recommend an illuminance of at least 2800 lux and even 3300 lux or more for rooms with little daylight.

Are there different ways to mount the light?

Flexibility is a high priority in the workshop. Depending on the spatial conditions, the luminaire can be suspended, mounted directly on the workbench or an opposite wall. In this way, you leave the workstation free, and the luminaire is not in the way.

What do I do if the LED modules of my luminaire are defective?

We design our lights to replace the LED modules, so you don’t have to throw the lamp away right away. If your light has a defect, contact us by email, phone or through the contact form on our website, and we will take care of it.

How long does my RMD workstation lamp have a guarantee?

We offer a 24-month warranty for our RMD task lights.

How do I order my RMD task light?

Depending on which luminaire you are interested in, you can conveniently order via our online shop or get your quote via our website.

  1. Get a quote or give us a call
  2. Receive a non-binding offer
  3. Decide for “yes” or “no.”
  4. Place an order
  5. Waiting for delivery
  6. Install your new RMD workplace lamp and shine like our lamp

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery of your luminaire usually takes about 2-3 working days. Customized products and lights that are currently not in stock, we must first produce. Therefore, the shipment takes a little longer (approx. 1-3 weeks). However, we do our best to keep the delivery time as short as possible. Please contact us for an exact delivery date of your light.

Do you get a special offer if you want to order several lights / custom-made products?

Yes! Contact us by phone or via the contact form, and we will make you an individual offer.

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