Luminaires specially designed for activities in a workshop


All the essential facts about the ideal lighting of a model, fly tying and hobby workshop can be found on the following pages…
Lighting of a model-making workshop

Light for Modelers

Detailed illustrative models can only be designed under optimal lighting conditions. For accurate recognition of colours and small components, proper lighting is an essential factor for quality. Learn which properties the light for model builders should fulfil…

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Bright light for the workshop

Light for the Hobby Workshop

The light in the hobby workshop should be adaptable to a variety of activities. Flexibility and robustness are just two essential characteristics that are important for pleasant work. Learn more about the right light in your workshop…

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Lighting for fly tying

Light for Fly Tyers

For passionate fly fishers, fly tying is a favourite pastime. Learn how to illuminate your tying stick properly and which aspects they should consider when choosing their tying light…

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