Luminaires for jewelry & watches

When it comes to precise work as a watchmaker, such as checking, repairing and maintaining watches or the production of jewelery in the jeweler's workshop, optimal light is a decisive factor for visual performance and quality.

Review by Böhman and Bresan

We are very satisfied! The lamps are a big update for us. The difference is big. We would like to thank you again for the great advice and are delighted with the result. 🙌


watchmaker workshop

Every piece of jewelery is a valuable original. When processing, we therefore need the best lighting conditions and, above all, good color rendering properties, which were best achieved by purchasing an RMD LED Pro Line 24W. 👍

Eveline Frischknecht

Goldsmith workshop

Rating for LED articulated lights in watchmaking

The combination of basic lighting (LED panels 120×30 cm) and direct workplace lighting (Pro Line 24W) is simply brilliant. 😍 We see the smallest details and have a very homogeneous light in our workshop. We can only recommend the lights from RMD.

Atelier Stoess

Goldsmith's workshop

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions regarding the right light for watchmakers & goldsmiths.

In contrast to many other providers of workplace lighting, "Lichttechnik Meier" pays special attention to meeting the individual needs of our customers and finding a suitable lighting concept especially for your area of ​​application. The experience we have gathered over the years plays a key role in finding a suitable solution for you. The passion for quality, design, innovation and sustainability is also reflected in our products.

For work as a goldsmith or watchmaker, we recommend lighting with maximum luminosity, the latest reflector technology and smooth-running mechanics. With innovative articulated arm technology, our RMD workplace lights can be flexibly adjusted. Furthermore, the use of high-quality LED converters guarantees the absence of stroboscopic effects and contributes to occupational safety. State-of-the-art and dimmable LED modules with the appropriate illuminance ensure bright and even illumination of your workplace at any time of the day. A suitable integration of our RMD workplace lights in your workplace creates an optimal interaction of natural daylight with the artificial light source and allows detailed work. With the right lighting concept, fatigue-free and safe working in a watchmaker's or goldsmith's workshop is possible.

Even if the standard prescribes an illuminance of "only" at least 1500 lux, based on experience with our customers we recommend that you choose an illuminance of at least 2800 lux for the fine work in the watchmaker's or goldsmith's workshop. In dark rooms even an illuminance of at least 3300 lux. Of course, this also depends on the general room lighting. If in doubt, we will be happy to advise you!

A wide range of mounting options allows our RMD articulated lights to be attached to your workbench or to an opposite wall in a variety of ways. You can find suitable accessories on the respective product page of our lights and in the “Accessories” tab.

In the spirit of sustainability, all of our LED modules can be replaced if damaged, so the lamp does not have to be thrown away immediately. Simply contact us by email, telephone or using the contact form on our website and we will replace the LED modules in your light for a small fee.

Made in Germany

We rely on local production and high-quality components in order to meet high requirements. The use of first-class materials ensures the best quality of light over many years.

Energy and cost efficient

With a service life of over 50.000 hours and reduced energy consumption of up to 70% compared to conventional lights, costs are greatly reduced and energy is saved in the long term.

Environmentally friendly

Needs-based and sustainable lighting conserves resources and bans substances such as mercury. In addition, there is no UV radiation and infrared radiation. This not only pleases nature, but also the user.


We install our LED modules in such a way that they can be replaced in the event of a possible defect. This means that the lamp does not have to be completely disposed of - we replace, repair and protect the environment!

Markus Meier

We are happy to help!

Since 2003 we have been developing lighting concepts specifically for activities with very high visual requirements. Innovation, passion and enthusiasm have led us to become the market leader in terms of value for money in this specialist area. We owe where we are now solely to our employees and our always loyal customers.

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