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Between high-tech dental technology and individual manual work - project 02/23

In the dental laboratory Nobilis Dental in Hildesheim, precision craftsmanship meets the latest technology and digital processes. With a special focus on science, precision and aesthetics, the ambitious team at Nobilis Dental manufactures high-quality dentures and gives its customers an uninhibited smile.

However, the previous lighting presented a challenge in the Nobilis Dental dental laboratory. The existing lights proved to be energy-hungry and insufficient in terms of light quality and flexibility. It was therefore necessary to find a new, more energy-efficient and functional lighting solution that would meet the requirements of a modern dental laboratory.

Which lighting for precise dental technology?

Whether in the production of dental masterpieces or tooth shade determination - in order to be able to work precisely and to determine the correct tooth shade, you need a lot of light with a particularly good color rendering.

Together with the team of Zeljko Zivkovic and Maria Zivkovic, it was therefore necessary to create a lighting concept that optimally illuminates the technical tables of the dental technicians. Finally, the existing general lighting in the dental laboratory was supplemented by individually adjustable workplace lighting. Articulated lights of the series pro-line will in future also provide the best light at the technical table itself with up to 4700 Lux and thanks CRI> 95 for the highest shade accuracy in tooth shade determination.

Strong light for precise dental technology

What has changed?

The bright and friendly designed dental laboratory now creates even more trust in the patient and offers plenty of room for creativity and precision - the optimal conditions for the production of all-ceramic restorations, veneers, implants or demanding prostheses with top quality.

By switching to the articulated lamp LED ProLine 24W the working and visual conditions for the employees could be significantly improved through higher illuminance and improved light quality. Dental work can now be carried out even more precisely and, above all, more efficiently. In addition to improved productivity in the Nobilis Dental dental laboratory, the use of particularly energy-efficient and modern LED lights was also able to reduce energy consumption.

This project showed us once again that the potential for future projects to optimize lighting conditions in dental laboratories is far from exhausted and that seemingly small factors, such as the use of appropriate lighting, have a major impact on work quality and efficiency . This in turn can lead to better treatment outcomes for patients and strengthen collaboration between dentists and dental technicians.

We say thank you for another exciting project in which we were able to gain new experiences and insights. ☺️

The solution

The alternative