calendarNov 17, 2021
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Care and cleaning tips for LED lights

How do I properly clean my RMD lamp?

lights out anodized aluminum are basically very low-maintenance, even with daily use. However, after a while it can happen that the luminaire housing fades due to dust and dirt - the luminaire needs to be cleaned.

In order not to damage the natural protective layer and the aluminum during cleaning and to restore the elegant look, we have put together some cleaning tips for LED lights for you:


    • Care interval 1-2 times a year – So that your RMD workplace lamp still looks like new years later, we recommend cleaning and maintaining the lamp once or twice a year.
    • Disconnect from the mains – Before cleaning the light, be sure to unplug it from the power supply, whether dry or wet, to avoid an electric shock.
    • Soft cloth or sponge – Use a soft cloth or sponge for wet and dry cleaning.
    • Clear water with light dirt – In the case of light soiling and dust, simply cleaning the LED light with clear water is sufficient in most cases.
    • PH-neutral cleaning agent without chlorine – For more stubborn dirt, you should use pH-neutral, chlorine-free soaps with a pH value between 5 and 8. It is important to rinse with clear water after cleaning.
    • Special cleaner for very heavy soiling – Special cleaners for anodised aluminum profiles help with particularly stubborn dirt such as oil, grease or plastic residues. When using the products, however, be sure to observe the exposure time and do not forget to rinse with clear water.
    • Final care – Finally, care sprays or beeswax can be used to achieve a particularly satin finish.


    • Chemical cleaning agents and acids – Chemical cleaning agents or acids can attack the surface of the aluminum - unwanted and unsightly stains appear.
    • Scratchy sponges or abrasive fabrics – Even if the surface of our lights is particularly hard and scratch-resistant, you should absolutely avoid scratching sponges or abrasive materials. You can damage the protective coating of the housing.
    • Exceed maximum exposure time – When using special cleaners, the recommended exposure time should be observed. In principle, the cleaner should never act for longer than one hour.

Your lamp will thank you and shine for a long time if you follow these tips 😉