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Light for noble goldsmith art - project report 08/2022

Fine jewelry makes hearts beat faster. All the more so when the piece of jewelry is handmade and made according to your own wishes by the goldsmith. It is precisely this combination of creativity, quality and exclusivity that comes from the goldsmith workshop Evelyn Frischknecht together: Here, in the old town of St. Gallen, wearable, fashionable and individual small works of art are created.

Light for noble goldsmith art

For the production of such small works of art, however, the goldsmiths also need tailor-made light. And that means above all: plenty of light to be able to work out the finest details from the precious materials.

According to the standard, this is at least 1500 lux, but we recommend significantly more (around 3000 Lux). In order to be able to recognize every color nuance precisely, the lighting should have a high color rendering index of CRI> 90 have as well as a high color temperature of 5000 Kelvin or more. When working on the noble materials, every light reflection is also annoying, which is why the working light must be absolutely glare-free. Gold and precious stones should shine and sparkle - but only on the wearer, not when working!

New lights for the goldsmith workshop

All of these properties combine Articulated lamp Pro Line in itself, which was used in the St. Gallen workshop. The good price-performance ratio makes the Pro Line our bestseller especially for goldsmith workshops. Thanks to the high-quality LED technology, it is flicker-free and, thanks to the microprismatic panel with diffuser film, just as glare-free.

The slender articulated lamp can be attached directly to the workbench using a screw-on flange and, when pulled up to 40 cm from the visual task, ensures balanced lighting up to 3300 lux. Its minimalist, slim design fits into the interior design of any workshop.

Even in show workshops like Evelin Frischknecht's, it blends in perfectly with the classy ambience. The showroom is directly connected to the open handicraft area and this is also reflected in the lighting design: the decorative circular lights that illuminate the showroom also illuminate the old vaulted ceilings of the workshop and, together with the functional Pro Line, form a coherent concept. This is how craftsmanship and functionality become a harmonious unit!

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