calendarSep 22. 2022
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Precision work in the dental laboratory - project report 09/2022

For many people, artificial dentures will sooner or later become part of everyday life. This is used quickly at the dentist - what many patients forget is that the actual treatment is preceded by a few steps.

Making dentures is precision work. The production of the necessary means for the dentures requires a sure instinct and is carried out by professional dental technicians in modern dental laboratories such as that of Ralph Dericks. Satisfied customers and a pleasant working atmosphere allow Ralph Dericks' team to grow steadily. At daily work in the Rhineland Dental laboratory in Langenfeld, the focus is on precision and creativity in order to manufacture exclusive dentures. In addition to a trained eye and a steady hand, one thing is needed above all – the right light at the workplace.

Together, the special requirements were first specified and the "look and feel" of the luminaire was thoroughly tested on site. It quickly became clear: all of these requirements can be met by equipping the dental laboratory with new ones Pendant lights the series "Basic Line ECO“ be fulfilled.

Modern LED modules radiate the work surface over a large area and with the best light quality and can be continuously dimmed. In addition to the direct illumination of the work surface, an indirect skylight creates a low-contrast distribution of brightness and a particularly harmonious working atmosphere in the room. The delicate steel cables of the pendant light were also individually adapted to the room conditions and sloping ceilings, so that the light is suspended at an optimal distance from the work surface. The simple and straightforward design of the lights harmonises perfectly with the current furnishing style, creating a pleasant working environment and inviting to creative work.

We are very happy with the new lighting. The light can be individually adjusted by dimming the top and bottom lights separately. The workmanship is very good and the look is simply graceful and noble.