LED Pro Line


LED Pro Line

LED articulated lamps of the Standard Line are perfectly suitable for dental technicians, watchmakers, goldsmiths, as well as for all professions and hobbies with very high visual requirements. The LED Standard Line is available in a 12 Watt or 24 Watt version. The profile of the LED Standard Line versions is a compact and robust luminaire housing with a spring-supported articulated arm in the middle and foot joints. The further developed 3D joint on the lamp head has a large adjustment range and, in conjunction with a smooth-running friction joint arm made of aluminium profile tube, provides a great deal of flexibility for working. Thanks to different dimensions and various lighting options, the articulated lamps of the LED Standard Line can be optimally adapted to the respective workplace.

Product Details

  • Compact and robust lighting body
  • No UV- and infrared-light emission, no heat emission in direction of the light
  • Good glare protection provided by a microprismatic screen plus additional high-tech diffusor foil – smooth, glare-free and shadow-free light
  • Homogeneous, flicker-free, large-area light by one row of LED-modules
  • Symmetric high-lustre anodized reflectors, direct lighting
  • Integral state-of-art LED-driver – no disturbing separate power supply
  • Available in different versions with different illuminance settings
  • Incl. screwdown flange 60 x 60 mm


  • Luminaire housing also available in white on request

Dimensions luminaire head:

  • 12W-Variant: 350 x 99 x 35,5 mm
  • 24W-Variant: 586 x 99 x 35,5 mm

LED Articulated Lamp Pro Line 3D joint


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LED Pro Line
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