Attachments: Articulated Lamps

The suitable articulated lamps are listed under the respective mountings.

Screw-down flange 60x60mm

Screw-down flange (60x60 mm)

Table clamb 0-44mm

Table Clamp (0-44 mm)

Table clamb 16-85mm

Table Clamp (16-85 mm)

Wall Angle

Wall Angle

Table Base (7,5 kg =225x215mm : 10,5 kg = 240x265 mm)

Table Base (240x265 mm, 10,5 kg)

For the models: ​

All TC-L Articulated Lamps
All LED Articulated Lamps (except Special Line)

Table base vario

Table Base Vario

Für die Modelle: 

TC-L Special Line
LED Special Line