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1. Pictures
2. Product Description

The LED Special Line Vario S 48W offers lighting solutions, especially for dental workplaces and all professions with very high visual requirements. You can flexibly position the high-quality gas spring arm from RMD and adjust it to your needs without the need for a screw or wing nut. The luminaire head itself always remains parallel to the table with additional adjustment of the angle. The Vario S 48W is the brightest (9000lx) RMD articulated luminaire and creates the best light through a double-row arrangement of LED modules. At the same time, it reduces power consumption and saves up to 50% of energy. A multifunction push-button is integrated into the luminaire housing in series, enabling you to switch and dim the LEDs of the Special Line without any colour displacements.

3. Productdetails
  • Innovative articulated arm:
  • Well-shaped, flat lighting body made of extruded aluminium profile with laser-cut end caps.
  • No UV- and infrared-light emission (e.g. preventing untimely hardening of synthetic materials)
  • No heat emission in the direction of the light
  • Good glare protection provided by a micro prismatic screen plus additional high-tech diffusor foil – soft, glare-free and shadow-free light.
  • Symmetric high-lustre anodised reflectors, direct lighting
  • Dimmable integral state-of-the-art LED driver – no disturbing separate power supply.
  • Incl. screw-down flange 60 x 60 mm


  • Luminaire housing also available in white on request
  • Arm-Variations:
    • Lower arm alternatively 15 cm shortened for mounting on high boards
    • If required, we can trim the upper arm to 10 cm (e.g. in case of low table depth)
    • Alternatively, lower arm fixed, 17° forward inclined
4. Technical Data
  • LED Modules: 96 daylight white „full-spectrum “MidPower LEDs
  • Illumination (40cm): up to 9000 lx
  • Colour temperature: 5700 Kelvin
  • Colour rendition: CRI>95 (typ.97) 
  • Colour: Luminaire head natural anodised, other parts silver-grey painting RAL 9006
  • Protection class: Protection class I
  • International protection: IP 20
  • LED-lifetime: 50.000 hrs.
  • Weight: approx. 6,6 kg
  • Power supply: 220-240 V
  • Power: 48 Watt
  • Electrical connection: approx. 3,0m H03VV-F 3G0,75 with Schuko-plug
Illuminance 9000 lx
Colour Temperature 5700 K
Colour Rendering CRI 97
Price €€€
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