Luminaires for the dental laboratory

In the filigree work as a dental technician in the dental laboratory, the smallest details must be recognized precisely and quickly. Optimum light is a basic prerequisite for error-free work. In order to meet the high requirements, we recommend the following lighting options.

Lights for dental
Lights for dental
Luminaires for the dental laboratory


By switching to the articulated lamp LED ProLine 24W we were able to significantly improve the working and visual conditions for our employees through higher illuminance and improved light quality compared to our old fluorescent lamps. We would like to thank you again for the great advice and are delighted with the result. 🙌

Luminaires for the dental laboratory


The LED pendant light Special Line P72 was easily and quickly integrated into my new rooms. Thanks to its large-area light, the entire work area is perfectly illuminated, which I find very practical. 👍 The timeless and simple design also simply convinced me.

Michael Seitz

Dental laboratory


With the RLL Flex I can perfectly see the smallest details. The magnifying lamp could be easily mounted on my board at my technical table and is easy to operate thanks to the flexible arm. For me as a dentist, a real asset to carry out functional and visual tests.🧐

dr dr Rene Jonas



Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about lighting in the dental laboratory

Unlike many other providers of workplace lighting, “Lichttechnik Meier” pays special attention to finding the individual lighting solution for your workplace. The experience we have gathered over the years plays a key role in finding a smart solution for you. The passion for quality, design, innovation and sustainability is reflected in our products, so that an RMD workplace light can be tailored to suit the working conditions of every user.

Drawbar and articulated lights create an optimal interplay of artificially generated and natural daylight. Only through the use of the latest LED lighting technology, innovative articulated arm technology and the latest reflector technology with optimal glare control can the high lighting requirements of dental workspaces be met in an ideal manner. In addition, high illuminance combined with the best color rendering enables colors, contours and details to be recognized precisely, so that optimal lighting conditions are created at the technical table.

The lighting for dental technicians should be at least 2800 to 3000 lux for initial and final checks, tooth selection, ceramic and plastic surfaces and all other manufacturing techniques (such as polishing, modeling, plastering or grinding).

Depending on the nature of your laboratory/work area, both articulated lights and drawbar lights can be optimally suited. Many customers even prefer a combination of both variants.

For attaching our lights you are available for our RMD articulated lights the following mounting options to choose from: screw-on flange, table clamp (0-44 mm & 16-85 mm), wall bracket and table base. For our RMD pull pendant lights you can choose between height-adjustable drawbars (height adjustment: 500 mm - 1500 mm) or steel cable suspensions.

In most cases, however, it is only after an initial consultation that it becomes clear which solution is more suitable. Call So just contact us or send us an e-mail E-mail! We look forward to you.

With RMD workplace lights, the LED modules can be replaced at low cost. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will take care of your request.

When you buy an RMD workplace light, you get a guarantee period of 24 months.

The normal ordering process is usually as follows:

  1. Get an offer or us call
  2. Receive a non-binding offer
  3. For "Yes" or decide "no".
  4. Place an order
  5. Waiting for the delivery
  6. Mount new RMD workplace light and shine like our light

If you prefer a convenient online order, you can also simply use our Online Store select and order the right lamp. The respective payment methods are displayed in our shop.

If the lamp is in stock, you will usually receive your RMD workplace lamp after approx. 2-3 working days. If the lamp is not immediately available or you have chosen a special solution, the delivery can sometimes take longer (1-3 weeks) last. Unfortunately, additional delivery delays cannot be ruled out due to the current situation. After consultation with us, you will always receive the expected delivery time.

Yes! Join us telephone or about that Contact Form Contact us and we will make you an individual offer.